About RSDC

Raqs Sharqi (pronounced Raks-Shark-i) is an Arabic word meaning ‘Dance of our Country’.

Raqs Sharqi Dance Company (RSDC) is directed by a ‘Sisterhood of Dancers’  – Owner and Principal, Anne Knowles (Alhena) alongside her students Ali, Angela, Meisie, Micah and Nadia, who have become teachers.

Ali, Angela, Micah and Nadia teach classes in the Pietermaritzburg & Howick area of Kwazulu-Natal.  Anne’s classes are held at her home in Bethulie in the southern Free State. Meisie is currently moving from Pietermaritzburg to Orania, Northern Cape where she will offer classes.

Our Aim

To uphold good ethics, preserve dance fellowships & maintain a high standard of Middle Eastern and Fusion Dance.

Irrespective of which teacher a student dances under, all RSDC dancers are encouraged to see themselves as part of a ‘family’ & to participate and interact as such.

Middle Eastern Dance Styles taught by RSDC

  • Classical Egyptian
  • Egyptian Folkloric (Saidi)
  • Turkish Gypsy
  • Finger Cymbals
  • Modern Egyptian Shaabi
  • Arabic-Flamenco
  • Persian (Khaleegee)
  • American Cabaret & Modern Bellydance
  • Isis Wings
  • Tribal & Fusion Bellydance