About RSDC

Raqs Sharqi (pronounced Raks-Shark-i) is an Arabic word meaning ‘Dance of our Country’.

Raqs Sharqi Dance Company (RSDC) is directed by a ‘Sisterhood of Dancers’  – Owner and Principal, Anne Knowles (Alhena) alongside her students Ali, Angela, Meisie, Micah and Nadia, who have become teachers.

Anne, Ali, Angela, Micah and Nadia teach classes in the Pietermaritzburg & Howick area of KwaZulu-Natal.  Meisie is currently moving from Pietermaritzburg to Orania, Northern Cape where she will offer classes.

Our Aim

To uphold good ethics, preserve dance fellowships & maintain a high standard of Middle Eastern and Fusion Dance.

Irrespective of which teacher a student dances under, all RSDC dancers are encouraged to see themselves as part of a ‘family’ & to participate and interact as such.

Middle Eastern Dance Styles taught by RSDC

  • Classical Egyptian
  • Egyptian Folkloric (Saidi)
  • Turkish Gypsy
  • Finger Cymbals
  • Modern Egyptian Shaabi
  • Arabic-Flamenco
  • Persian (Khaleegee)
  • American Cabaret & Modern Bellydance
  • Isis Wings
  • Tribal & Fusion Bellydance